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Remote Employee Reimbursement

Reimbi is ideal for managing reimbursements for your remote employees. Internet, phone and other necessary expenses that are part of working from home can easily (even automatically!) be submitted, reviewed and approved. Reimbi also works exceptionally well for one time or infrequent reimbursements like lunch, travel, or equipment purchases.

Success Budgets 🆕 🙌

With Success Budgets, companies easily fund reimbursable employee expenses and perks such as internet, co-working space, wellness, coaching, and coffee/lunches. Now companies no longer need to decide what expenses will be handled via reimbursement or via stipend, what is taxable or not taxable. No more having to decide "how much should we reimburse for internet, how much for wellness?". Embrace the uniqueness of your employees and let them decide how they want to spend their Success Budget.

Employers set a Success Budget amount for each employee, employees submit expenses and Reimbi automatically validates each expense. Reimbi immediately issues payouts directly to the employee for eligible expenses.

Employees receive their payouts faster, submitting expenses is a breeze and employers eliminate processing headaches and reporting bureaucracy.

Recurring expenses

Remote employee expenses are often relatively small and recur each month. You need a solution that is quick for employees to submit expenses and simple for your company to manage.

To help with this, Reimbi allows expense reports to be auto-generated each month. Your employees will love not having to create from scratch the same expense report month after month.

Partial reimbursements

When reimbursing employees for internet and/or phone many companies reimburse a flat amount per month, often less than the employee's total servce bill. This is a poor fit for using a company card.

Reimbi makes it very easy to process partial reimbursements that are typical for remote employees.

Lunch 🍱 and Coffee ☕

Team lunch!

Here's how simple this can be: Sally walks over to her neighborhood spot and grabs lunch to go. She enters the $13.45 she spent in Reimbi and Reimbi immediately drops $13.45 in her Venmo account.

Magical, but also tax compliant. Sally has full control where she gets lunch and doesn't have to remember to use a company issued card.

Required business controls

While simple and easy, Reimbi has the sophistication for policy limits, reporting, receipt storage, approvals and compliance details to keep accounting, audit, and HR happy and informed.

Fast payouts

Reimbi directly sends payouts to your employee's Venmo, PayPal or bank account. However they want! Payouts happen the same day expenses are approved. This means employees can be reimbursed the same day expenses are submitted!