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Reimbursements for job candidates

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket interview expenses is the most common use of Reimbi. Thousands of job candidates have been reimbursed for everything from flights to parking through Reimbi. The end result? A much improved candidate experience and a big time savings for the recruiting and accounts payable teams!

No per user fees for job candidates

All Reimbi subscription plans include unlimited requesters (the people submitting expenses). You can invite all of your candidates to use Reimbi with no impact on your subscription costs.

Same day reimbursements

All requesters appreciate a quick reimbursement. For your job candidates it might be especially important and appreciated. Reimbursing job candidates only helps your recruiting efforts.

Simple expense reporting

Reimbi is streamlined for the expense needs of non-employees and their host company. From inviting job candidates to use Reimbi, to submitting expenses, approving, and paying out, Reimbi provides simplicity and just the right amount of business controls.

The right payout methods for job candidates

Most of your candidates would not choose to be reimbursed via a paper check. With Reimbi, requesters can choose to be reimbursed via Venmo, PayPal, direct deposit and several other options. Not only do these options provide a faster reimbursement, they also signal a modern approach to business.

Reporting built-in

Reimbi provides the reporting you need to allocate expenses to the right department, cost center, or however you need to categorize your job candidates.

Fantastic customer support

We (and thousands of users) think Reimbi is pretty easy. However when anyone needs it, we are eager to help! Whether it's a job candidate with a question about the status of their expense report or a staff user needing help setting up a reimbursement policy, fast and friendly support is there.