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The Definitive Guide to Candidate Reimbursements

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Essential information

The Definitive Guide to Candidate Reimbursements is packed with helpful information to evaluate your company’s candidate reimbursement policy against best practices and real life data.

The guide is also incredibly useful for organizations that want to create their first candidate reimbursement policy. With the eBook there is no need to start from scratch. Instead construct a policy using time tested policies and data to formulate the policy that works best for your company and candidates.

Real world examples

The eBook includes input from industry leaders on their top-notch candidate reimbursement processes. You will also have access to suggested text for your policy, ready to cut and paste!

Other resources in the guide include sample policies and a missing receipt affidavit form.

Benchmark data

Want to know the average reimbursement amount for a candidate meal? The eBook contains anonymized information from thousands of candidates by expense type.

Meal data range

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