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Remote Interview Meal reimbursements

A special touch for virtual interviews

Interviewing candidates virtually can seem a little impersonal and cold. The recruiting team at Toast wanted to provide a better experience. So they started buying lunch.

Toast was already using Reimbi to reimburse candidates for traditional interview expenses: meals while traveling, mileage, Lyft, etc. With a change to remote interviews the team still wanted to share Toast culture even if they couldn't bring a candidate into the office.

So the Toast team set up a new remote meal-only policy in Reimbi. It took just a few minutes and the policy ensures candidates only submit a meal expense for the day of their interview. The simplified policy also makes it extra easy for candidates to quickly provide the cost of their lunch.

With the policy and a Greenhouse-Reimbi integration in place, it just takes one click for the Toast team to offer a candidate lunch on their interview day.

Through Reimbi, Toast can buy lunch for candidates from anywhere - whether that's their favorite local sandwich shop down the street or the new lunch place they've been wanting to try. It's a personalized experience that leaves a positive impression and tells the candidate that Toast values its candidates as individuals.

Candidates easily submit their meal expense and can even receive reimbursement the same day via Venmo or PayPal. For Toast, Reimbi's dashboard and internal reporting make it easy for the team to quickly see how much is being spent and allocate charges to the correct departments. The audit history built into every expense provides full visibility to all stakeholders.

"Because Reimbi works internationally we are able to buy candidates lunch worldwide. Our recruiting teams in Boston and Dublin really appreciate how little work our candidate reimbursement program requires. We don't have to manage gift cards or spreadsheets or run payments through our AP team. It's so much easier with Reimbi." says Brianna Streeter, Talent Acquisition Program Manager at Toast.

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If you would like to boost candidate experience and add a "We'll buy lunch" program for your candidates, we would love to work with you.


"Reimbi makes it really easy to buy lunch for our candidates. Candidates often talk about where they bought lunch from and how much they appreciate the gesture. It helps Toast to stand out among other companies and provide a great candidate experience."

Megan Dreyer

Talent Acquistion at Toast