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Partnerships and integrations

Reimbi integrates with your existing tools to make reimbursing job candidates and other non-employees even easier.

Greenhouse Lever Workday Okta Ping Identity Azure Active Directory AmTrav Gather

Greenhouse ATS

Whether you’re hiring 10 employees or 100, Greenhouse can be tailored to meet your needs now and as your company grows. More than an applicant tracking system (ATS), Greenhouse has everything you need to compete for top talent. Create a great experience, build diverse teams, save time and resources, and use data to improve your hiring process.

Reimbi connects via integration to allow joint customers to push the necessary candidate data to Reimbi to enable rapid reimbursemens with minimal manual effort.

Lever ATS

From local teams of five to global teams of thousands, Lever offers talent acquisition teams everything needed to create scalable talent strategies that fuel the growth of organizations.

The Reimbi-Lever integration allows shared customers to pull candidate data from Lever into Reimbi. This easy-to-enable integration results in even less admin work for your team. Together with the great candidate experience of quick reimbursemnts this is a great integration option for Lever customers.

Workday General

Reimbi connects via a provided Workday endpoint to pull accounting and candidate data into Reimbi. Once established this integration becomes a hands-off way of ensuring the necessary data for proper expense allocation and candidate categorization information is in sync.

Okta SSO

A secure cloud single sign-on solution that IT, security, and users will love.

Use Okta as a your single sign on (SSO) solution in conjunction with Reimbi to reduce password overlaod for your team.

Ping Identity SSO

Use Ping Identity to provide secure and simple access to apps—anytime, anywhere.

Use Ping Identity as a your single sign on (SSO) solution in conjunction with Reimbi to reduce password overlaod for your team.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO

With Reimbi's Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, enterprise customers can securely access our platform using just one authentication source, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory. IT administrators can manage team access with ease, while ensuring maximum security for sensitive information.

Amtrav Gather Travel

Gather is an innovative guest travel booking solution from AmTrav. The easy-to-use solution empowers travelers and travel bookers to be more productive when booking trips, finding savings, setting travel policies, managing payments, and keeping travelers safe. More than 1000 businesses use AmTrav to go places, meet people, build meaningful connections, and get the most out of every trip.

This integration with Reimbi makes it easy to combine airfare and lodging costs paid by the host company with incidental expenses for meals, rideshares, parking, and other out-of-pocket costs that are typically paid by the guest and then reimbursed.