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"Hey, let me buy coffee" warms a conversation

Buying someone lunch or coffee as a sales tool is old as...well as old as sales.

In a time of remote sales, you can still use this sales tool! Reimbi makes it incredibly easy to buy food and drink for your prospect or customer.

You want to book more demo calls and get more engagement through the sales cycle.

Reimbi is here to help.

Charge directly to your company card
Your customer (or prospect) enters what they paid for their meal and you approve the amount. Reimbi then charges the card you have on file for the amount of the reimbursement plus a small transaction fee.
Fast Payouts

We make sure your customers and prospects have a great experience by issuing payouts quickly after you approve the expense, usually within one hour!

Payouts can be made via Venmo, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Cash App, Electronic Check, and Amazon credit. All with no additional setup or work on your part!

Improve your metrics

Do you want to increase demos booked and meeting show up rates? Buy people lunch! People show up for lunch.

How about shortening the sales cycle? Buy people lunch to keep the engagement high. What's the foolproof way to do that? Reimbi.

More memorable than gift cards

Often gift cards are thrown in a drawer or filed away. Even when the gift card is eventually used, there is no "experience" with a gift card.

See how using Reimbi to buy lunch helps you stand out from the crowd.

Ready to warm up your meetings?