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Need to send a one time payout?

Introducing Reimbi Payouts, the best way to issue non-employee payouts.

Ideal for payouts to individuals

External referral bonuses (via Drafted for example), coding assignment payments, bug bounties, and refunds are just a few examples of payouts that companies issue to individuals. These payouts are usually "one and done" meaning that the payout will be the only transaction with this individual. Setting up this payee as a regular vendor or as a one-time vendor, including collecting all of the usual supplier setup documents is a big investment for what is generally a relatively small payout. Reimbi Payouts solves this problem for you.

  • W9 and 1099

    If the payout is taxable Reimbi will collect the necessary tax information from the payee before issuing the payout. Reimbi also issues the 1099 to the payee for taxable payouts. That's two less things for you to do for every payout!

  • Direct payout from Reimbi

    Reimbi issues payouts from our accounts. This means that your AP team doesn't need to setup individual payees as a vendors. Each payee chooses how they want Reimbi to issue funds and provides the necessary account information directly to Reimbi. Now you don't have to collect and store sensitive information like bank account numbers.

Perfect visibility

Even for one time payouts companies need visibility on every transaction. You also want your payees to have information on their payouts. Reimbi provides notifications via email and text so everyone has the status they need.

  • Payee notifications

    Payees are notified when a payout is available and when a payout has been issued. Payees can also view real time status when logged into Reimbi.

  • Audit history

    For your accounting and internal audit teams, there is a full audit history available on every transaction. Simple and secure!

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