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Home Office Reimbursement

Reimbi is ideal for managing employee home office expenses. Internet, phone and other necessary expenses that are part of working from home can easily (even automatically!) be submitted, reviewed and approved.

Recurring expenses

Home office expenses are often relatively small and recur each month. You need a solution that is quick for employees to submit expenses and simple for your company to manage.

Reimbi even allows expense reports to be auto-generated each month. Your employees will love not having to recreate from scratch the same expense report month after month.

Partial reimbursements

When reimbursing employees for interet and/or phone many companies reimburse a percentage or a partial flat amount of the total amount of the bill. This is why corporate cards are not a good solution. You need an affordable, simple way for these partial reimbursements. Reimbi is the answer.

Required business controls

While simple and easy, Reimbi has the sophistication for policy limits, reporting, receipt storage, approvals and compliance details to keep accounting, audit, and HR happy and informed.

Fast payouts

You even have the option to have Reimbi payout reimbursements. This means employees can be reimbursed the same day the expenses are approved!

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