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Job Candidate Reimbursement

Fast payouts

Should it take 4-6 weeks to reimburse a candidate for interview travel expenses? Of course not! That’s a terrible candidate experience.

With Reimbi, over 90% of reimbursements are issued the same day the expenses are approved.

Has that expense report been paid?

Reimbi provides real time status notifications via text or email for you and your candidates.

With Reimbi, approval and payment status are no longer a mystery!

Candidates are not vendors!

Accounting and procurement people, we know your pain. You don’t want candidate data in your vendor database.

Reimbi eliminates the need to setup candidates as vendors. Less work for your team and clean spend reporting!

Exactly what you need for candidate reimbursement.

With over $2M in candidate reimbursements processed through Reimbi we ensure your candidates get the best possible experience. Let us help you deliver an amazing candidate experience.