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Frequently asked questions

Does Reimbi only help with home office reimbursements for employees?

Not at all! With Reimbi all types of business reimbursable expenses are supported. Reimbursements for airfare, lodging, meals, etc are all possible.

Is Reimbi specifically for candidate reimbursements?

Reimbi launched in 2017, with a focus on non-employee reimbursements, typically job candidates. And we still love reimbursing candidates! Perhaps no one appreciates a fast reimbursement more than a job candidate. But you know who else appreciates fast and easy reimbursements? Everybody.

Now both employees and non-employees can be reimbursed through Reimbi.

How much does Reimbi cost?

Reimbi has two pricing options. First is a subscription model based on the number of expense reports paid out per month or year. The second pricing option is based on the reimbursement amount paid out.

Contact and we’ll help identify the pricing plan that works best for your company. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable Reimbi is.

Does Reimbi support international reimbursements?

Yes! Here is the full list of countries and currencies Reimbi supports.

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