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Buy your candidates lunch - even remote!

Even before COVID impacted the way that we interview, many companies conducted early interview rounds via phone or video. Some companies were already interviewing 100% virtually. Until the world gets a handle on COVID, virtual interviews will continue to be the most common way to engage with job candidates.  

Think about when candidates were coming into the office for an interview. It wasn't THAT long ago. The candidate gets a tour of the office, is offered something to drink, a snack, and in many cases taken out for lunch. All of that contributes to a positive candidate experience and hopefully makes your candidate a fan of your company, even if they don't eventually get the job. Or maybe that experience is part of the reason they say "yes" to your job offer. 

So what can you do now? Here is a simple idea. Buy your candidate lunch as part of their remote interview! Set a $20 cap on the meal and make it simple to be reimbursed for the meal. Simple should include the candidate submitting the expense and for your company to process the reimbursement.

We've put together a little video that shows how easy it is to set up a "meal-only" reimbursement in Reimbi.  Click here to take a look.  

Done right, the costs to reimburse for a remote interview meal are small and the potential impact is big. Give it a try!

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