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Buying lunch the right way

You have a meeting coming up and you really need everyone to attend. Maybe it’s just you and a key prospect. Maybe it’s several people from a very important customer and a decision needs to be made with everyone’s input. If people don’t show up progress slows, you can’t close the deal or you can’t get signoff. Time and money are on the line. 

So how do you get people to show up? The same way people have been getting other people to show up since the beginning of time. Buy them food.

In today’s business environment of remote work, Zoom calls, and work from home, you might think that buying lunch or coffee isn’t an option or that it’s logistically difficult.  Reimbi removes the obstacles to make it easy to buy lunch the same way you would in person, by just charging the food/drink to your company card. But how do you do that when you aren’t together? Before we get to that let’s look at some alternatives. 

Reimbi vs. Gift cards

You might think about buying gift cards and sending those out before the meeting. The first thing you are going to need to figure out is a gift card to where? An international coffee place with almost universal coverage might be a good option. But does everyone drink coffee? Or maybe they would prefer to buy from their local coffee shop? With Reimbi, your customer or prospect can buy from ANYWHERE and you don’t need to worry about what restaurant or delivery service is available.

Another factor to consider is cost. Let’s assume you are expecting to buy lunch for 100 people over the course of the next quarter and you are going to provide $20 gift cards per person. With most of your gift card options, you are going to spend $2000. Even if the cards never get used you spent $2000. With Reimbi, in that same scenario, you are likely to spend about $1555. And you’ll know that it went to food and drink. You save $445 and people are able to order from where they want to eat! The same 100 people with the same $20 per person budget but a much better outcome for everyone involved. 

Reimbi vs. Group delivery

There are options available to set up a company account with well-known food delivery companies. We love and use these companies, but here’s the problem. Let’s take the example of a project signoff meeting with a key customer. The meeting is at noon. You need Jane, Mimi, and Oscar all on the call and you think lunch will get them on the Zoom. But Jane is in Seattle and that noon call is 9 am for her and she’s fasting. It’s noon for Mimi but her go-to lunch place isn’t on the service you picked. And finally, Oscar is actually working from a small town in Mexico and this setup doesn’t work at all for him. The great thing about Reimbi is that people can still use DoorDash, Grubhub, or whatever service they like, but Reimbo also works at the same time for people that a delivery service isn’t ideal.

With Reimbi people can order what they want, from where they want and at the time they want. For you, it’s not much more complicated than saying “I’m buying lunch for everyone that attends the meeting!”

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