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How to handle a separated employee's final reimbursement

How do you reimburse a person who is no longer an employee and not connected to your payroll system?

Remote work stipends - good idea?

Does it make sense to provide an expense stipend for your remote employees?

Looking at Gusto's reimbursement option

Reimbursing employees through Gusto is simple. Maybe too simple?

Buy your candidates lunch - even remote!

Looking for a way to provide a good candidate experience, even on remote-only interviews? Buy lunch!

Buying lunch the right way

Buying food and drink for your customers and prospects doesn't have to be hard. With Reimbi people can order what they want, from where they want and at the time they want. For you, it’s not much more complicated than saying “I’m buying lunch for everyone that attends the meeting!”

Issuing gift cards to cover interview expenses? Watch out.

There are some things that you should consider when thinking about using gift cards to compensate people for interview expenses.

Reimbursing Home Office Expenses: Get the Facts

Who should pay for work-related expenses when people work from home? Should workers expect their employer to cover some of the expenses they have working at home? Is it okay for employers to expect their employees to pay for expenses at home required to do their work?

Mileage reimbursement for candidate interviews

The following is an excerpt from “The Definitive Guide to Candidate Reimbursements” an eBook published by Reimbi in May 2020. Curious about how companies reimburse candidates for mileage expenses? What should your policy include? Read along to find out!

Are you using the EEK method to reimburse candidate interview expenses?

Have you even heard of the EEK method? You probably haven’t because it is a name literally made up about 5 minutes ago. But the process it refers to is real. And it is not fabulous.

Lois isn't here for it

This is probably a familiar story. You have a candidate that was brought in from out of town. She needs to be reimbursed for the parking at her home airport, a Lyft ride to your office and a coffee she grabbed on her way to the interview. Small dollars but you are dreading the hassle.

Why do accounting professionals love Reimbi?

If your job title includes “recruiting” or “talent acquisition” you probably are using Reimbi (or looking at it) due to your interest in candidate experience. Because Reimbi reimburses candidates so easily and quickly, our customers see a big improvement in candidate experience.

Reimbursing job candidates for interview expenses attracts more qualified candidates resulting in better hires

Companies will reimburse a candidate for interview expenses? This is not a universal truth, but “yes” is the undeniable answer. Reimbi has issued over $1 million in reimbursements and that number is growing rapidly quarter over quarter. Let’s go back to the companies that choose to reimburse. Every Reimbi customer and prospect that reaches out to us share a belief.

Announcing our Greenhouse partnership

Recruiting teams worldwide use Greenhouse as the hub of their recruiting activity. With Reimbi as the absolute best way to reimburse candidates for interview travel expenses, it made a ton of sense to establish a partnership and integration between Greenhouse and Reimbi.

Three keys to a successful candidate reimbursement policy

When it comes time for your company to fill open positions, it often means looking beyond your local talent network. The right fit could be from out of town, and the best way to know this is to conduct some in-person interviews. This requires an upfront policy for interview expenses. It is important for both companies and candidates that reimbursement policies are upfront, transparent and concise.

Interviews & Beer

We now offer a configuration that when activated requires the candidate to confirm before submitting their expense report that it is clear of alcohol expenses.

Let's talk about campus (university) recruiting

Getting an interview with a company in a new city can be super exciting for a student. The opportunity to travel on site to meet in person is a mixture of hope and nervousness. One thing that candidates shouldn't have to worry about is how the expenses for their travel will be handled. Here are some tips for campus recruiting programs

Does a better candidate reimbursement process make a difference?

We just wrapped up July so I thought it would be a good time to take a look at our survey results. When Reimbi reimburses a candidate for their interview expenses we include a link to a quick survey.

What would you do with an extra 25 hours?

Think about all of the steps involved in reimbursing a job candidate for expenses and how many people are involved. Talking to our customers, present and future, an estimate has been made that it takes about 81 minutes to reimburse a candidate.

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